Sadar Zardari Ka Adhoora Sach by Hamid Mir

09 Oct, 2012

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday said he would only remain president for the next 12-15 months after which the next government may write to Swiss courts, adding ‘why would my government do so?’

In an interview with Geo News senior anchor Hamid Mir, President Zardari said: NRO case and Swiss courts would have a significance in history, thus, ‘neither I nor my Prime Minister would want such thing to be part of the history’ (which says his own government wrote against him to the Swiss courts.

To a question, the President said was not afraid of Article-248 and that he considered Swiss case as a trial of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed.

On PIA, Railways, WAPDA

When asked to comment on the deteriorating condition of state-run organizations like PIA, Railways and WAPDA, etc, the President said: “Media think it was so, but I don’t think so, these entities have only weakened”.

Chief Justice ‘not from my village’

To another question an outspoken Zardari denied any rivalry with the Chief Justice, saying (in good humour), he didn’t come from my village.

Why CJP’s attention was drawn to BB’s murder case?

Asked why in his last speech in Garhi Khuda Buksh he drew attention of the Chief Justice of Pakistan towards the murder case of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, the President said the lower judiciary, which functions under the Chief Justice, was supposed to reach a judgment in the case.

He said the FIA had submitted the challans with the court and asked why four judges had been changed during the course of hearing.

Hamid Saeed Kazmi is innocent

He went on to say that he also considered the former minister for religious affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi as ‘non-guilty’ in the Hajj scam case. His bail should be accepted and this kind of proceedings should be held at a sessions court.

Rehman Malik was not responsible for BB’s security

To a question in connection with the security to Ms Bhutto during her Liaquat Bagh rally, President Zardari gave Rehman Malik a clean chit by saying that he was not responsible for BB’s security.

BB’s public meeting was organized by ‘one personality’

He said BB’s public meeting at Liaquat Bagh was organized by one personality whose name he did not want to take. “Rehman Malik and we were against holding of this public meeting,” he added.

BB was stopped from returning to Pakistan

President Zardari said he and his children tried to stop Benazir Bhutto from returning to Pakistan but she could not be convinced.

I know about BB’s murderers

He was asked to recall his speech on BB’s first death anniversary in which he said he knew about her murderers but now her fourth anniversary had also passed, he said he still stood firm on what he said. “I have reached till Baitullah Mehsud but I won’t put a full stop there, I want to move further ahead. Condoleezza Rice’s (former US secretary of state) book also has a hint that points towards it.”

The President also referred to BB’s email to Mark Siegel in which she said in case of her assassination Pervez Musharraf be held responsible. “He (Pervez Musharraf) will be responsible; he is part of the FIR. Why is the judge not taking actions against him?” he asked.

Why Guard of honour to Pervez Musharraf?

When asked why Pervez Musharraf was given a guard of honour, he said it was the officers at Presidential House that did so.

Pervez Musharraf’s trial would have demoralized the Army

He further said ‘putting Pervez Musharraf on trial would have demoralized the army and the entire institution.’

To a question on whether the parliament should hold Pervez Musharraf’s trial under article-6, President Zardari said ‘I think collective wisdom will prevail’.

Qatil League is a ‘name of a mindset’

When asked who he had referred to as ‘Qatil League’, he said it was a name of ‘a force, a mindset’. “If you think it was Musharraf’s government, I don’t think so. Musharraf was just a Prima Donna of that mindset.”

Why did you call Nawaz Sharif a Maulvi?

To a question whether he considered Nawaz Sharif ‘a Maulvi’, he said ‘you cannot deny the fact that he (Nawaz Sharif) started politics from Zia-ul-Haq’.

Extension to COAS and DG ISI

To a question on why he did listen to the advice of Nawaz Sharif on not granting extension Chief of Army Staff and DG ISI, he said the advice was given through media (and not in person).

President Asif Zardari said if Nawaz Sharif had serious objections to the granting of extensions, he should have come out on street against the decision. “He (Nawaz Sharif) should have at least get a resolution passed in Punjab Assembly against the decision.”


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