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02 Nov, 2012

Share your thoughts with Hamid Mir and suggest which topic would you like covered on the next show. Log on to and share your views now!

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  1. November 02, 2012

    Mir sb 
    Try to discuss social issues more then political 
    Cause our nation need more education on it plz 
    Like taking care of elderly people , neighbour rights ,taking care of close relatives 

  2. November 02, 2012


  3. November 02, 2012

    Please do a show on this Hepatitas C injuction controversy.Why a cheap injuction in not being allowed.

  4. November 02, 2012

    Live Interview with Nawaz Shareef with focus on WOT, drones, Taliban

  5. November 02, 2012

    Media mqm sy kyun darta hy, Kyun Altaf Hussain ki speeches 4 hours tk na chahty hue b hamen sunni parrti hen..?? 2- Ham indian channals band kyun nahi kar saktay…??

  6. November 02, 2012

    Non Resident Pakistani ‘s hassled by Airport staff (ASF, Customs, immigration, porters etc) on all airports of Pakistan reduces the joy and pleasure of returning to homeland.

  7. November 02, 2012

    Dear Hamid,

    I’m frequent reader of your columns and watch regularly your programme. You have tweeted to let you know the topic for your next programme. Why don’t more Muslims speak out against the wanton destruction of Mecca’s holy sites?
    Saudi Arabia’s Wahabists are tearing down buildings that have links to the Prophet and replacing them with skyscrapers and shopping malls. No clerics has taken any action against them. Where it seems this is real blasphemy. Please see the link of the article:

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