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02 Nov, 2012

Share your thoughts with Hamid Mir and suggest which topic would you like covered on the next show. Log on to and share your views now!

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  1. November 02, 2012

    topic about inter party elections, because if parties if do nat have democracy within there own party how can they bring it on the country, this is important

  2. November 02, 2012

    I suggest the following topics for your TV show.
    1. C0rrupt politician and the existance of Pakistan as a Sovereign State.
    2. Are we Loyal with our home land Pakistan….no? why? How many more Jafar and Sadiq among us:
    3. What we are doing against the poverty in Pakistan.20 millions people have no enough food.Is it not a pity?
    4.It is said that Benazir was a security risk for Pskistan.I think all the politician are now the security risk for Pskisatn inclusive Sharif brothers and even Imran Khan too.

    with best regards,

    (altaf choudhry)

  3. November 02, 2012

    Hamid sahib if I have to wear your shoes I will do public shows right in the core of main cities such as in Lahore anarksli bazar, in Peshawar qissa khawni Nazareth, Karachi, quetta,Islamabad. Show about people to say, let them to convey msg, about govt, SC,army and how they see future..

  4. November 02, 2012

    Why can’t anyone raise voice against MQM leader holding dual nationality and runnng his party from outside.

    Media not giving any coverage to PTI activities, are they ready for another tenure of zulm?

  5. November 02, 2012

    Asalaam Alaykum Mir Sahib-
    I would like you to invite reporters that sends critical reprots from remote Pakistan- not the pundits who sits in Islamabad. You will accomplish two things- 1- tell us what the rural majority of Pakistan thinks/says & 2-appreciate & recognize these media’s foot-soldiers.

    Tariq Bashir
    Minneapolis, MN

  6. November 02, 2012

    My suggestion for the next topic in capital talk is ‘How to provide speedy justice to the people of Pakistan’.

  7. November 02, 2012

    kim barker topeck on nawaz sheref plese descuse this topec

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