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02 Nov, 2012

Share your thoughts with Hamid Mir and suggest which topic would you like covered on the next show. Log on to and share your views now!

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  1. November 03, 2012

    Dear Hamid,

    i am working in Dubai, International call rate is very high by extra Tex when we call from Dubai we are getting vary problem just mention this issue in your program.i am listing you every day.Congregational to you to complete 10 yer of your program.

    Thanks and Best Regards
    Naveed Anwar
    From Dubai

    • HamidMir
      November 20, 2012

      Dear Naveed,

      We’ll definitely try to mention this issue in one of the shows.
      Thanks and best of luck in your endeavors.

      Take care!

  2. November 03, 2012

    Dear AoA
    pls do some thing for overseas Pakistanis like calls and what ever Pk peoples do in air ports we think we are going in prison, even those peoples want to suck blood from our bodies. they never think how much we do struggle in overseas in how much we miss our loved ones , and now this trend is going in Pakistan to kidnap for money those peoples who come from overseas. now how much we are afraid to go Pakistan we better know. if we can do first we will move our families from there. so pls being a brother i hope u will think about us
    May ALLAH bless us all

  3. November 03, 2012

    Hamid bhai basic democracy system coupled with education only solution to bright pakistan

  4. Ali
    November 03, 2012

    Sir G Inn siasatdaano ko sun sun ke kaan pakk gaye hai…..Now solution…..sirf cheekhte chillate hai….Please Aam logo ke sath program karle aur unn ke masail ojagar kai…….Thanks.

  5. November 03, 2012

    Salaam Hamid sb pl do program on use of political party flags with national flag in Government meetings . It’s a gross insult of national flag and doesn’t happen any where else in the world . Just look at video and pictures of Rehman Malik meeting foreign delegates in his office , Kaira press conference at PID and Raisani addressing media. Heart burns !! Your attention please . For national pride sake !!

  6. November 03, 2012

    Assalam o aliku, Dear sir,
    I would like to request you to arrange the next program on CHANGE, “return of Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri” to change the corrupt political system. And let us whole nation get united to change Pakistan into a new , prosperous Pakistan..
    Chan Naseeb

  7. November 03, 2012

    Kia Pakistan main Tabdeeli ka waqt abhee nahee Aaya?

    Tabdeeli Intikhaab say naheen balkeh nizaam badalnay say aai gee.

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