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19 Oct, 2012

Share your thoughts with Hamid Mir and suggest which topic would you like covered on the next show. Log on to and share your views now!

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  1. November 01, 2012

    sir one programme must be dedicated on the major issues which you forget after one are two weeks after the interval.i mean to say people want to know what is happening now in Gyari,what is the update of NRO case ,what is happening in all the major issues u cover in a programme or two but forget after that ,leaving the topic for new one.

  2. November 02, 2012

    Film Industry and Theatre Crisis in Pakistan

  3. November 02, 2012

    Topic of the next show should be Khilafah or Democracy in Pakistan?

  4. November 03, 2012

    Dear AoA
    pls do some thing for overseas Pakistanis like calls and what ever Pk peoples do in air ports we think we are going in prison, even those peoples want to suck blood from our bodies. they never think how much we do struggle in overseas in how much we miss our loved ones , and now this trend is going in Pakistan to kidnap for money those peoples who come from overseas. now how much we are afraid to go Pakistan we better know. if we can do first we will move our families from there. so pls being a brother i hope u will think about us
    May ALLAH bless us all

  5. November 03, 2012

    The topic must be related with the fund tour of Imran Khan.Is it a change to raise funds from the U.S as he is going very idealist in Pakistan against USA???

  6. November 03, 2012

    TOPIC: why some sections of media have started unreasonable bashing of OK and PTI?

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